My New Teacher: Equilibrium

Equilibrium has arrived as my new teacher. This really ought not be a surprise to me given all that has taken place in recent weeks. And yet, I am still somewhat hesitant to delve into following this particular instructor. I’m sure you can relate; some teachers you gravitate to because you feel lifted up, others you avoid because they challenge you. Well, my friend, equilibrium is a complex teacher.

On one hand I know that mastering this teaching will bring me deep inner strength and calm whatever life brings. It is sort of like being the eye of the storm, perhaps the eye is always there, perfectly still, even when the storm has passed and the sun shines brightly. I don’t really know because as I mentioned before, this is a new teacher to me. Which brings me to the second hand. I am candidly aware that this teacher places unequivocal full ownership of the storms raging in my life squarely at the doorstop of my heart and mind. Isn’t there a part of all of us that wants to believe that if “those other folks” got it all together then our lives would be so much smoother? Professor Equilibrium drives home the teaching that it is up to me and me alone to determine how I sail on life’s seas.

In this classroom I am given tools to assist me in finding equilibrium. I learn to cultivate stillness within me and practice being non-reactive to the changes in life and people around me. In a sense I am developing peace. Trust me this is not easy for me which means that this is the true teacher for me at this time. Life is full of irony it seems. I will keep you updated on my progress and what I learn.

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