Flirting Brings Fun to Rainy Days

Did you know that you can bring flirting to nearly any situation? Here is a recent example. On a rainy day my husband and I were out and about. He parked the truck. When I opened the door there was a large mud puddle where I would be getting out. I let him know and he said, “I can move it.”

I had several choices. I could have gotten out on my own. Or I could have agreed to move. Instead, I decided to make it fun. I grinned at him and said, “How about a piggyback ride?” He was on board instantly with a chuckle and a, “You bet!” He trudged through the puddle, and I climbed aboard. We laughed the entire time. I gave his ear a nibble right before he put me down and thanked him. The day was so fun from the piggyback ride onward.

Other ideas to make a rainy-day fun with flirting are only limited to your imagination and willingness to play. Maybe you splash each other by stomping in mud puddles, or you could dance in the rain. Perhaps you stay in and flirt with each other. Let your inner flirt lead you. And remember you can always talk with me if you need ideas or if you want to build your flirting skills. 

Splish, splash, babe,

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