It Is All A Matter of Perspective

In art perspective happens on the horizon line; that is if you are painting landscapes. This is where the artist tells us about distance. Wouldn’t it be great if we had such a tool in finding perspective about our life and corresponding relationships?

Let’s try a technique often employed by painters. Create a frame with your thumbs and forefingers as shown in today’s photo. This is used to look around and find a small piece of interest to paint. When you have your frame ready hold it in front of you. Move your arms around looking only through the tiny frame. When something within the frame catches your eye stop and study it. What you are viewing looks different and holds a place of prominence for you now.

This is true for the things we experience in life.; most notably those things which cause us distress. Even though what is taking place may be intense, keep in mind that it is just one frame that is holding place of prominence. Plus, the frames are always shifting and changing. If you broadened the frame you could see the larger picture. It is all a matter of perspective.

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