Sacred Element of the Holidays

Did you ever notice the abundance of sacred holidays that take place this time of year? What marks this time of year as special? While I may not know all the answers, one thing strikes me as a prominent theme in each of them. Nope, it is not love. Although I will say that it may be one of the qualities contained in the holidays and ceremonies. It seems to me that the sacred element present is hope.

Folks throughout much of history have found some way to have a sacred service or ritual during this season. Understandably they were showing their awareness of the fragility of life, but they were also honoring life by affirming their belief in the return of the light which equaled life. They had hope that the light and warmth would return and that the fields and the game would be plentiful once again.

Many of the sacred holidays this time of year contain hope. Whether they celebrate remembrance of a time when light sustained them or look to something more ethereal to bring them light or inspiration, I believe they are hoping too. What is it that we are hoping for? Is it something better, a chance to feel connected, the return of a time of abundance, life or salvation? Perhaps it is all of these things and something more.

If you find yourself in the darkness at this time remember; that the light always returns, that what you are experiencing now will shift once again just as it has before. You are not alone even though it may feel that way at times. I am sure that those people whose very existence depended on the return of the light had some doubt and yet they celebrated, they offered hope in the face of the darkness. That speaks to me of faith. Hope contains faith. When we act on hope we show our faith that things will improve. Hope mingled with faith can return us to love. Let yourself find a spark of hope to carry you back to loving yourself. Hope is your guide.

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