Flirting with exotic lipsticks masterclass for women

Women discover your hidden Diva during this fun and flirty event, Flirting with Exotic Lipsticks Masterclass. Prepare to unleash your wild side in time for Halloween. During this delightfully playful experience you will learn how to flirt with lipstick, mesmerize men, the meaning of your kiss imprint, be introduced to exotic lip colors, have a chance to practice the flirting skills you learn, and have fun while building confidence flirting.

All women attending are entered into our giveaways to help you get your flirt on! Come play and flirt with us during this event! Flirting with Exotic Lipsticks Masterclass is hosted by Shelly O’Connell, Expert Flirt & Flirting Coach for Women, and Olivia Jones, Mary Kay Sales Consultant. This Masterclass is happening, Thursday, October 27, 2022, 7 pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific. Cost is $27. Use this link to register:

It is going to be fun, fun, fun! Invite your women friends.

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