Overcoming Resistance

Recently I confronted an area within me where I held resistance. In all truth I was aware of the resistance for several months. My refusal to address the issue was based on my mindset. I had thoroughly convinced myself; that attending to this process was difficult, that I didn’t understand what to do and that every time I attempted to work in this area I was left with a pounding headache. It was very frustrating made even more so because I knew that I needed to get past this in order to move forward in my career and with my life. Excuses and avoidance were the order of the day. I am not normally one to put things off, however I can be stubborn when the mood suits me.

A candid conversation with a friend prompted me to admit the area of my resistance. This friend was also having a challenge. Through attentive dialogue and caring we were able to encourage each other to take specific steps toward moving beyond our self-imposed limits. In my case this meant overcoming my resistance. My specific steps included asking someone with more knowledge in my area of resistance to help me learn the skills I needed to acquire. Imagine my surprise when I did just that and within a couple of hours I learned how easy it was to complete the task that I have resisted for months! No longer did it seem difficult or insurmountable. I discovered that I could easily accomplish the task now.

An image came to me of water flowing over and through stone. Water flows effortlessly, it knows no resistance. Together my friends and I became drops of water that flowed to find our way over, around and through the barrier of stone. Resistance was overcome.

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