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Hey Girl, Let’s Talk About Flirting

Hey ladies, this is your chance to see and hear me talk about flirting. Here is what the host, Kathryn Yarborough, wrote about the interview, “During this interview with Shelly O’Connell, a Flirting Coach for Women, you’ll find out how to reclaim play via flirting so that you can engage with life in ways that enrich and delight you! How fun!”

It was fun! We got the chance to play and flirt a little too! I shared the story of how I got started being a flirting coach, some tips on flirting and we talked about my book, Finding Your Flirt. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Tune into this interview on the Real Women. Real Purpose. Talk Show where Kathryn Yarborough interviewed Shelly O’Connell. Watch the replay. #RealWomenRealPurpose

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Good for every woman – single or married

I love this book! Every woman I know – single or married – could benefit from it. As Shelly O’Connell points out, most of us have lost touch with our playful sides. Finding Your Flirt reminded me to enjoy life more, gave me excellent tips on how to flirt in a way that feels good to me, and helped me feel confident about myself – just as I am. I’m going to get this book as a gift for women friends and family members. And if I forget to flirt and be playful, I’ll read this book again.


Katheryn Y., Amazon Review

Lighten up!

Finding Your Flirt is an excellent journey to putting a smile on your face and more fun in your life. It gives practices and exercises to get your flirt on. Even if you are in a relationship, it is a beautiful reminder to keep it fresh and flirty and that having fun is possible. Thank you, Shelley, I am winking back at you!


Mary P., Amazon Review

Fabulous book for all who want fun in their lives!

If you want to increase the fun in your life, read Finding Your Flirt! O’Connell describes how flirting is a game that allows you to connect with others in a playful and safe way. She sets the stages for her readers to begin flirting and then add to the process with more clarity and intention along the way. In each short chapter, interactive exercises help you, the reader, to become engaged in really learning the art of flirting. O’Connell reminds us that we have the power to set our intentions and our own desires. Best of all, Shelly encourages us to laugh for it makes us feel good, relaxed and open. I highly recommend this book for all ages – for all who want to find and use their Flirt!


Karen H., Amazon Review