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FInding your Flirt Program

Finding Your Flirt Program

Time to get your flirt on with the Finding Your Flirt Program! The Finding Your Flirt Program includes twelve coaching calls that are specific to your flirting needs and goals. Each call is sixty minutes. During the program you will:

  • Define your unique flirting goals.
  • Learn the key skills in the art of flirtation.
  • Put the flirting skills into practice.
  • Refine your area(s) of growth so that you become the confident flirt you want to be! 

Flirting Fun 101

Flirting Fun 101

Hey, Girl. Here is your chance to improve in flirting. We will look at your challenges and goals for flirting during this 90-minute call. You will learn one key skill in the art of flirting that is specific to you which can make the biggest difference for you now.

You will take away tools and exercises to help you practice the skill so that you become more confident using the flirting skill. Included is an overview of the key skills of flirting contained in the Finding Your Flirt Program.

FInd Your Flirt Personal Journey

Alright Sugar, let’s create something that is tailored to your personal flirting needs. Whether you feel a few coaching calls on flirting would help you get your mojo fired up again, you want to take it one call at a time, or you decide on something else unique to coaching on flirting, let me know.

Each call is 60 minutes for the price listed on the Find Your Flirt Personal Journey Appointment. I recommend booking a consultation to get clear on what could work for you. 

Your Flirting Consultation

Curious? Let’s talk about flirting. During this 30-minute call we will cover your flirting goals and challenges and talk about the options of flirting coaching that are available to you.

Get your questions answered and decide what option could work best for you.

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