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Shelly gives readings from her books and offers workshops/teachings in the Bay Area. Her workshops, teachings and books uplift and celebrate each individual and the gifts that they bring. She says of her work, “I want the inner beauty and essence of each person to magnify until all the world is filled with radiant light!”

Contact Shelly to schedule or participate in workshops.


MARCH 1, 2014 at Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Owl Room from 1:00pm – 5:00pm (PDT). The address is: 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94549. Register via the Eventbrite button to the right.

Women of all ages come to rest, renew and remember your sacredness. Join Shelly O’Connell as she shares Traditional Women’s Teachings with you. We will dance, drum and join together on a journey to embrace the true radiance within each woman.

Shelly received the Traditional Women’s Teachings from Native Elders. “These teachings completely changed and enriched my life!” she writes. Come and learn the original teachings regarding women, their “Moontime” and their importance within the tribe or community. Shelly says of the teachings, “Following the Traditional Women’s Teachings centers you and allows you to step into your wisdom.” Are you ready to step in to your own wisdom?

Women ages thirteen and older are invited to attend. Workshop participants will bring one symbol of yourself as a woman to place upon the altar which we will create together. Include a journal for notes and homework. Suggested attire is comfortable clothing; long dresses or skirts, if you like, to remind you of your femininity.

This will be a four hour workshop offered each season, on or around the full moon; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter with teachings related to each season. You may attend one workshop, a few or all, it is up to you. This workshop may be offered each month.


What does it mean to have wisdom? In this series of workshops Shelly engages participants in the teachings of Wisdom. Explorations in the concepts of Wisdom will be introduced, including the ancient understanding of Sophia and Shekinah, also known as the Divine Feminine.

This course is designed to direct participants in understanding the energy that is occurring now. It teaches those in the course that true Wisdom originates in the heart. Through a variety of modalities, including; play, drumming, dance, sharing and other methods participants learn to grow their creativity and intuition which are both key components in entering into Wisdom. It is time to own our Wisdom. Come gather and further your knowledge.

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