Guest Blog Posts:

“The Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel (And How They Affect Your Life) Guest Blog Post: November 4, 2014 for We are Wildness website.

“Lessons of Summer, The South” Guest Blog Post: September 13, 2014 for We Are Wildness website.

“Going Beyond a Walk in the Woods” Guest Blog Post: July 29, 2014 for We Are Wildness website.


“Getting Out of the Grave”… Featured Article September 30th issue  &   September 2013

“Spirit is Knocking”… Featured Article September 30th issue

“Healing Takes Many Forms”… Featured Article September 30th issue

Short Stories:

“Lessons from the Sea Witch”


In this whimsical short story a Sea Witch teaches the reader some lessons of the sea and of life. If you are ready to experience some Magic and transformation within your life this book may provide some tools. EBook is available through this link:

Books in Process:

“You’ve Got the Magic In You”

In this first book of a series;  Gabrielle Cara Worth embarks on an adventure of learning magic’s secrets after a self-proclaimed witch’s tells her “You have the magic in you.” This simple phrase is the catalyst that takes her inward to confront the hidden truths about her life. Gabby’s life takes on new meaning as she delves into exploring the notion of having magic within you. When Lillian Dupree offers an unsolicited invitation to teach Gabby about magic, what has been an abstract desire becomes a chance to learn about the magic in her. With the teacher in place Gabby decides to follow what she wants. Together Lillian and Gabby share many adventures but the true journey is one that leads Gabby to a deeper understanding of herself.

Book two of the series finds Gabby traveling to Ireland to discover her ancestory and the magic in the Emerald Isle.

The third and final book is the story of Gabby’s teacher, Lillian Dupree. In this compelling tale Lillian shares the events that have shaped her life as a practitioner, sage and teacher of the ways of magic.


Jake Longblood confronts his compulsive lying that had its origins in childhood. He wrestles with all that he has lost as a result of lying. A night of brutal self honesty and candid disclosure to a stranger is the first step in self-awareness for Jake. From there he is guided on an adventurous journey in a quest to be a man of integrity and honor.


  1. fascinating, simply fascinating. this is nice work. if we/I had the fortitude to carry these lessons-teachings to the extent you do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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