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Shelly O’Connell brings an authentic, personal expression to Professional Coaching. Combining the spiritual realm with the sphere of the psyche, she engages people in the discovery of their own Wisdom and beauty. She holds a Master of Divinity along with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science. She has an extensive background in women’s advocacy and Native American Spirituality. Shelly lives in Northern California with her husband, Kevin & her sweet, Maine Coon, Boo Doodles.

Shelly offers Professional Coaching, workshops, teachings and books that uplift and celebrate each individual and the gifts that they bring. Her focus is helping people to discover the inner beauty and essence within them as they manifest their goals, dreams and desires for their lives. Her work contains these key concepts:

Honor yourself and your knowing

  • remember your sacredness
  • love and trust
  • incorporate play, dance and song – these are modalities that grow your creativity and intuition

Love yourself

  • offer compassion first to yourself
  • embrace the true radiance within you
  • confront & release fear

Listen to your heart

  • true Wisdom originates in the heart
  • it is where you find the courage to live in the fullness and beauty of all you were created to be
  • the heart centers you and allows you to step into your Wisdom

What tugs on you is an indication of the direction to go

Let go of other people’s agendas for you and your life

  • it is time to own our Wisdom not what somebody else may believe about who we are or ought to be

Embrace your gifts and essence regardless of what other people may think

Own your Wisdom and live it

  • doing so allows you to experience the Divine in your own life
  • it gives hope and inspiration to others as they seek meaning in their lives
  • you will have meaning and purpose to your life

The unifying theme in Shelly’s efforts is claiming the right to love and honor oneself by following one’s own truth.

To speak with Shelly and/or to learn more please send a note with your interest to:

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