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Shelly O’Connell brings an authentic, personal expression to Life Coaching. She offers life coaching services to assist you with: life design, awareness and use of your personal wisdom, resilience, self-care, healthy boundaries, balanced relationships, and goals specific to you.

“In Life Coaching people work on their goals, dreams and desires for their life. Within an environment of non-judgment, people are able to create actions toward their goals and learn to identify and remove any obstacles in the way of moving forward.” -Shelly O’Connell

“Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.” – Source: International Coach Federation (

Shelly trained at The Institute for Life Coach Training. Additionally, she holds a Master of Divinity and a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science. She has an extensive background in women’s advocacy and with Native American Spirituality.

She engages people in the discovery of their own wisdom and beauty. The unifying theme in Shelly’s efforts is claiming the right to love and honor oneself by following one’s own truth.

To speak with Shelly and/or to learn more please send a note with your interest to:

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