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Patterns of Behavior

Patterns of behavior are indicators of how things are going. They are a reflection of where we have placed our thoughts and efforts.

When we are able to indentify patterns of behavior in our selves and in others we begin to notice whether those repeated actions serve us in reaching our goals and in being happy. If we discover instances where they do not function in this way we have gained an opportunity to consider what methods might work better.

Cultivating new and healthy patterns of behavior nutures us and moves us toward achieving our goals. If you curious about learning more please contact me for a free discovery session at:


Intention is all about where you focus your attention. It’s the actions created based upon what it is that you want. Consider intention the plan that you have made to get there.

We all know that some intentions get swept away much like the waves erasing writing in the sand. What then makes our intention come into existence?

Commitment and a clearly drawn out strategy ensure the probability of success. Sharing your intention and the design for bringing it forth with another person makes it more real. Adding some measure of accountability to that conversation can make a difference in following through on your intentions.

Intentions are the whispers of our hopes. Follow them.


What Do You Really Fear?

People sometimes let fear limit their dreams and goals that they hold for their lives. These worries might be running under the surface of conscious thought. Whether the fears are known or a vague anxiety they still function as blocks or constrictions in realizing the goals for our lives.

Happily, these restrictions can be lifted. If you would like to know more about how that might be possible please contact me at:

Start living your dreams.

Moving Forward

What are the key necessities to moving forward in your life? Can you name those ingredients that propel you toward your dreams and purpose? Knowing them gives you some of the tools to bring the vision for your life into being. Take some time today to make a note of them. Wishing you bliss on the journey to living your dreams.